Why Chattanooga web hosting company could be a model for a new wave of local IT startups

This story first appeared on The Wall St. Journal. 

The Tulsa, Oklahoma-based company is an online community for hosting businesses that don’t have physical offices, or even online presence.

It’s also the biggest tenant in a sprawling new office complex in the city’s south.

The Toledo, Ohio-based Giant Data is a new company, a part-owner of TPDC, that will offer the same services for the local startup community.

And the San Antonio Civic Center, home to the San Antonio Spurs basketball team, is the site of a new office building that will house a new startup incubator called Startup HQ.

These new companies could help build a new breed of local tech startup owners who can offer more local services and jobs.

Here’s how they can work together.

Chattanooga-based Startup HQ and Chattanooga-area tech startups could work together, creating a new type of business incubator.

Here are three areas where startup founders could build new business.


Chattanooga’s Tech Hub 2.

TPD, a new Chattanooga startup 3.

Startup HQ, a Chattanooga-centric startup incubate The hub of Chattanooga’s startup ecosystem, Startup HQ is the company’s incubator, and it is the location for several of the citys newest tech startups.

Startup hub Chattanooga will help connect local tech entrepreneurs with more local talent.

It has the capacity to house as many as 60 startups, and the company has set up a team to support local startup businesses, according to an email sent to the local startup community earlier this year.

Tech Hub’s goal is to make startup incubators more accessible to local startup talent.

The team is currently recruiting for the project, which is open to local companies and businesses of all sizes.

Chattanooga Startup HQ will serve as a hub for startups that can get their startups into incubation, according the email.

The Hub will be the incubator for Startup HQ in the form of an office building.

Tech hub will also host a number of events for startups, including a tech bootcamp, an in-person startup meetup, and a tech entrepreneurship event.

Tech hubs in the region will be able to offer a wide range of events and networking opportunities.

TechHub will also provide startup founders with an office space, offices, and offices space rental.

Techhub will also help local startups to connect with other startups, according a TechHub spokesperson.

The hub will include offices for startups to hire, and Startup HQ to offer tech incubation opportunities for local startups.

Tech incubators in Chattanooga will be a great way for local startup companies to get their first foothold in the local tech ecosystem, said Brandon H. Anderson, co-founder of Startup HQ with a local tech entrepreneur and Chattanooga entrepreneur. 


The TPD building The T PD building is the headquarters of the TPD CEC, a non-profit that provides IT support to low-income homeowners in the South.

The building has been the site for several TPD tech startups, as well as for a number other local tech companies.

Startup Hub is a partnership between TPD and TPD CIC to build an office and incubator space that will allow startup startups to be in contact with TPD staff. 


Startup headquarters The Startup HQ office will serve a broad range of local startups, from small businesses to the likes of Sprint and Amazon.

StartupHQ is the incubation hub for Startup Hub in the TPD headquarters.

StartupHub will serve tech startups and other local companies that want to work with T PD staff, according an email sent to the local community earlier in the year.

Startuphub will help local startup startups and startups to become better acquainted with TDP, according Startup HQ spokesperson. 

There are many advantages to having an incubator in Chattanooga, said Andy Burdick, the founder of StartupHQ.

“The TPD office is very accessible and has all the tools you need to be a local business,” he said. 

“They have a great team of people and have a lot of support staff,” he added. 

Toll free: 800-621-4474 Tolls are charged for local tech startups in Chattanooga. 

Other Tech Hub hubs around the world

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