Which host should you use?

You might think that hosting is one of the easiest things to do with your website, but a new study suggests it’s not.

The new study, published in the Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery, found that while hosting is a great way to grow a website, the costs are really steep.

In a survey, 3,400 webhosting firms surveyed their business models, and the results were startling.

The study found that the average cost of hosting is $15,000.

That is more than double the average hosting cost in 2013.

It also found that many web hosting providers do not charge a royalty on hosting, so they are effectively charging customers for the service.

Web hosting is not cheap, either.

In fact, the average monthly bill for hosting services was $5,906 in 2014.

It can also take months or years to generate any income.

This means that many people are not getting their sites built, and many are not benefiting from the growth they are experiencing.

The study also found a surprising trend.

A majority of web hosting firms said they would only charge their clients $5 per month.

In other words, they would charge their customers less for hosting.

But the study also showed that more than half of the companies surveyed would offer discounts for hosting and a third would offer a “free” hosting service.

This is important because a free service will always attract customers.

If the price is too low, the people that sign up for the free service are unlikely to do so.

The companies that offered free services were also found to be more expensive.

These included web hosting provider Cloudflare, hosting service provider HostGator, and hosting platform provider Hostgator.

The survey found that web hosting services are still a viable option, but it is hard to get a solid answer on whether the market will ever go back to the days of the free services.