When will you know the truth about your broadband?

What will happen to my internet service if I am arrested or detained?

Will my phone and computer be seized?

Will the police demand access to my email account?

Will it be confiscated?

What if I fail to pay a fine and have to pay court costs?

What will the police say to me if I ask them to seize my property?

Will they be able to seize all of my computers, phones and devices?

Will I be able access to the internet at work?

Will any of my other devices and assets be confiscated and held against me?

How will the courts enforce these powers?

What happens to my freedom of expression?

Will this affect my ability to make or receive calls, send or receive e-mails and access websites?

What can I do if the police arrest me?

What do I need to do if I have a serious complaint?

What should I do to get the police to drop their charges?

How can I protect myself?

Is there a right to bail?

Will a bail bond system work?

Does the law still apply in this situation?

Will internet service providers have to give me my internet access when I go to court?

What is a reasonable expectation of privacy?

What are the protections that the internet companies can offer?

What does the law say about the use of stingray devices?

What’s the difference between a ‘device’ and a device that is used in an undercover sting operation?

What about the law relating to intercepting communications?

What steps do the police have to take in order to intercept a stingray?

What rights do I have to refuse to help the police in any way?

How do I contact the police if I’m worried about my privacy?

How much information can I share about my activities online?

What information does the police need to have?

What kinds of communications are allowed under the act?

What type of access can I have under the law?

How is this law enforced?

Can I go back to school?

What laws are in place that would prevent a person from using a sting ray?

What has the public said about this?

What happened to the previous police use of the device?

What safeguards have been put in place to protect my right to privacy?

Where are the police and public information officers?

What have been the consequences of these new powers?

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