What we know about the ‘DreamHost takeover’

The “DreamHost acquisition” was a major win for Trump, who has been trying to get DreamHost to spin off its web hosting business, which he has been feuding with for years.

The deal, which was approved by DreamHost’s board of directors in July, would create a company that would offer hosting and other services that would compete with the likes of HostGator and HostBuddy.

DreamHost shares have risen nearly 400 percent in 2017, while its stock has tripled in price since Trump’s inauguration.

But critics argue that DreamHost was in no position to compete with a massive, well-established company like HostGators.

DreamHost CEO and founder Matthew J. Cohen told CNNMoney in an interview last week that the company was in talks with several big name companies.

He said that DreamWorks had reached out to DreamHost and had expressed interest in acquiring the company.

The DreamWorks CEO also said DreamHost is looking at other opportunities to bring its technology to the web, and that it is working on a partnership with a tech company.

DreamWorks and DreamHost would not comment on the rumors of a possible deal.

Dreamworks is one of several tech companies that have been vying for DreamHost, which also makes content-sharing platforms like Vimeo and YouTube.

Dreamhost is now known as DreamHost.

DreamHost is also in talks to sell off some of its media properties, including DreamWorks Studios and DreamWorks Animation.

DreamWire, DreamWorks’ cable TV streaming service, is also part of the deal.

Trump also has talked about using DreamHost as a competitor to Netflix, which has been accused of having a monopoly on online video services.

DreamWaves, the company’s digital video platform, is one example of the companies’ growing efforts to compete in the streaming and video-on-demand market.

Dreamwaves, a subsidiary of DreamWorks, offers a wide variety of entertainment-oriented services.

In 2017, Dreamwides revenue grew 27% to $1.7 billion.

For more:Read more from Politico:  https://www.politico.com/news/story/2017/08/trump-dreamhost-acquisition-dreams-web-hosting-123499

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