What to do if your internet service provider blocks your video on YouTube or Amazon?

The video-sharing site has been the victim of several copyright takedowns this year, and now it has found itself in the middle of a legal battle.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Amazon is demanding that it remove more than 2,500 videos from the site.

Amazon has previously threatened to sue YouTube over copyright infringement if it didn’t comply with the takedown notices.

“Amazon has a copyright policy in place that is so broad that they have the right to take down content anywhere in the world without any reason other than the content being infringing,” a spokesperson told the Reporter.

“We will vigorously defend our rights and will take every legal action to protect our intellectual property.”

The latest takedowns come after Google announced it was stepping up its efforts to block content on the site, after it said that it was removing “some” of the videos on its site.

YouTube’s policy on takedowns has also become more restrictive since its inception, with many of the takedown requests being sent by email.

In a blog post, Google said it was moving away from using the “safe harbor” clause in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which was used by copyright holders in the 1990s to stop them from using DMCA takedowns against video-hosting sites like YouTube.

The DMCA clause, which requires that companies be given two years to respond to takedown notices, was originally introduced in the early 1990s, but it was used in the wake of the Internet bubble in the mid-2000s to protect content owners from copyright infringement.

“This is a very good thing, it protects us against copyright trolls who are abusing the DMCA to silence the expression of ideas,” said Paul J. Albrecht, an attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in a statement.

“But it also means that these takedowns are almost entirely automated, which is bad for the people who are the victims of them, because the law requires that those who are receiving them understand that they will not be able to challenge the takedown in court.”

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