Pornhub and Google take legal action against hosting provider

The two companies involved in the takedown of say they have taken legal action over a claim they are not entitled to copyright infringement.

The companies also accuse Google of “hosting pornography and other copyrighted material” on their servers.

The takedown of the pornhub web hosting site on Wednesday, which took place amid the ongoing global copyright crackdown, prompted a torrent of legal complaints.

On Thursday, Google said it had been contacted by the companies about their claims.

“We’ve been working with them for a long time to resolve this dispute and we’ll continue to do so,” Google spokeswoman Laura Sullivan said in an email.

“However, as we’ve said before, the copyright owners will be disappointed that we are taking this action in this case.”

The two websites are hosting a video featuring a naked man masturbating.

The video, titled “Busty Porn Star Gets Laid,” was posted by Pornhub on October 28.

The two hosts, who declined to give their names, said they had taken down the video after it appeared in the news media, and said they would not be able to continue hosting it without permission from the copyright holders.

The pornhub site is hosted in Canada, and Google says it has no involvement in that country.

In a statement issued Thursday, Pornhub said it “remains committed to the principles of fair use” and has “never hosted any content that violates copyright.”

Google says Pornhub is a “hosted by” Google website.

The Pornhub video is the latest in a string of takedowns by Google against web hosting providers.

In September, Google sued three Canadian web hosting companies after it blocked one of them for posting porn.

In December, Google shut down the company that hosts the popular hosting site

The shutdown of Pornhub came as Google was under fire from Democrats for its decision to shut down its search engine last year, in an attempt to improve its search results.

Google has also been criticized for its stance on online piracy.

On Wednesday, Google launched a campaign to combat online copyright infringement and piracy.

Google says its goal is to make it harder for users to access copyrighted content, and says that while it has never hosted copyrighted material, it has blocked sites that host it.

The company has also pushed to have its search algorithm and technology improve in order to prevent users from accessing copyrighted material.

Google said in its statement that the takedowns are “another example of Google’s hypocrisy.”

The company’s actions are “unjustifiable, and in no way reflect our values as a company,” Google said.

“The copyright owners are right that we should not host or monetize copyrighted material on our sites, but Google should be held to the same standard.”

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