How to find out if your domain name is registered in AZURE web hosting

Web hosting expert Arnie Gundersen says it’s a “disease” if your DNS domain is registered somewhere else.“There’s this idea that if your site is registered outside of your home or your office and you’re using it for your business, it means that you’re not licensed.It means that it’s not registered

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What you need to know about a new security threat

The US government has accused a Chinese cyber attack group of stealing confidential information about more than 100,000 US military personnel from an internal US government database, according to an official statement on Thursday.The National Security Agency has previously claimed it obtained this information through a cyberattack that infected computers

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Why is my internet so slow?

We all want to have a faster internet connection.In Canada, the government is working on a solution, but it is unclear what the price tag will be.The Federal Communications Commission is looking into whether to create an Internet speed guarantee, and Canada’s biggest ISPs are also discussing the issue.But according

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What’s new with web hosting?

The web hosting industry is still struggling to find a way to keep up with demand.As more and more people move online, the market is struggling to keep pace.We’ve seen a few major drops in web hosting prices over the past few months, but many more are likely to follow.With

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New iPhones from Apple are getting a big upgrade

A new Apple iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, and iPhone Xs Max with 32GB of storage is just the latest upgrade for Apple’s iPhone line, according to AppleInsider’s own iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus reviews.The iPhone 6 models we tested today all include a new 32GB iPhone

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