How to run your own eCommerce business using WordPress 3.0

A recent survey found that about 70% of those surveyed said they had purchased WordPress.

It is not surprising that many people who run their own businesses are interested in using the latest WordPress software to achieve this.

However, a lot of people are not comfortable with the way WordPress works or feel that it is too complex.

Many people are frustrated by the lack of customization options for their themes and they are more than happy to learn how to do it themselves.

In this article, we will explain how to run a WordPress shop using a simple plugin.

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You can read more about the survey here.

If you are already running a WordPress business and would like to learn more, we have put together this guide for you to follow.


Create a Custom Theme The first step is to create a new WordPress theme.

You can do this using the “new theme” option on your WordPress dashboard.

Once you have created a new theme, you can add it to your site by clicking on the “Add New” button.

When the new theme appears, click on “Add Theme” to create the theme.

After creating the new site, it will automatically generate a new database for you.


Add a Domain name To add a domain name, you will need to create one for the site.

If your site is already online, you don’t need to register a domain.

If not, then you can just create one.

To do this, go to your “My Sites” page and choose “Add Domain”.

This will open the “Create New Domain” screen.

You can now create a domain that you can use for the shop.

In the example above, we can use a domain named ‘’.

This domain name will be registered with your domain registrar and will have a unique name.


Create Your Shop A shop is a set of elements that you want to sell to customers.

When you create a shop, you need to set up a domain and a hostname for it.

You will also need to define the URL of your site.

These are all important for your WordPress shop.

Once you have all these items ready, click “Create Shop” to add a shop.

Here, you may need to adjust some settings to ensure that your shop works properly.


Register Your Domain You now need to upload a domain registration to your domain registry.

This is done through the “register domain” option in your “Web Hosting” page.

You may also need a registration certificate to ensure your domain is secure.

When you have registered your domain, you’ll see a confirmation message.

You must now click “Sign in” to complete the process.


Create A Hostname If you’re not using a domain, then there are a number of ways to create your own domain name.

You could use a hosted service like or Free Hosting.

The most popular option is hosting your domain from your own server.

In the next section, we are going to cover a number, but not all, of the popular options.


Add Your Website Content You can also create a WordPress site using the same steps as you did for creating a new site.


Get Your Site Online The next step is the actual “login” process.

This takes a while to complete.

Once your site has been successfully created, you should be able to login to your shop and browse the site without any problems.


Add More Content Next, you want your site to have a website that customers can visit.

To do this you need a custom WordPress theme that is suitable for your site and a theme that people will be able find useful.


Register Domain Once your theme has been registered and your domain has been confirmed, you now need a domain to register the site with.

This is done by going to your Admin dashboard and clicking on “My Domain”.

Here, choose “Create Domain”.


Register a Domain Once you are in your Admin panel, you must click “Register Domain” to register your domain.


Create New Shop Your new shop is now ready to go.

Here you should see a list of items for sale on your site, including a list for the items that you are offering.

Click on each item to purchase it. 12.

Submit Your Price List To submit your price list, click the “Submit” button on the right side of the screen.

This will bring up a list that lists the price for the current items on your page.

Once the item has been sold, click submit to make sure that the item is ready to be listed.


Publish Your Price Lists To publish your price lists, go through the steps above and click “Publish”.

You can now submit the price lists

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