How to check if your site has been hacked

The best way to protect yourself from online attacks is to keep your site online and secure, a security expert says.

The key is to not trust a website to make a mistake, but if you are going to take the risk, do your homework and read its instructions carefully, says security expert Dr James Moore.

He says it is important to check the site’s security settings regularly.

“If your site is not secure, it’s probably a good idea to take steps to improve it,” he says.

“Otherwise, you’re just giving attackers the same kind of access you’d get from your own system.”

Dr Moore says some web hosting services are also less secure than others, such as hosting provider Cyberduck.

“Some hosting providers are more secure than some others,” he said.

“It depends on the kind of hosting provider and whether they’re offering free, paid or enterprise.”

Dr Scott from Norton said it was a good thing to make sure your site’s web host has not been hacked.

“Don’t be afraid to get a web host to check for potential vulnerabilities, because it’s always good to check with a web hosting provider before making any changes,” he told

“They can check for the security of the site, and check the settings for you.”

You can check the web host’s website for more information.

Dr Moore also recommends using a proxy or VPN to connect to the internet instead of a public IP address, or to use a secure browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

He said people with access to these browsers should never open websites without the permission of the host.

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