How to avoid spammy email attachments

CANADIAN web hosts and hosting providers are seeing an uptick in the number of emails that appear to be spammy.

The new technology that’s coming to the web is the use of “scrobbling,” or the ability to send spam emails that bounce back to the sender.

These bounces, sometimes called a bounce-back, are a way for people who send email to send the sender another email.

“It’s very easy to spoof your email address,” says Craig Moffett, CEO of Canadian Web Hosting.

“They’re sending an email that’s from you and the address is a spoof.”

He says the email bounces back to a sender who doesn’t exist.

Some hosting companies have already implemented scrobbling technology in their infrastructure.

For example, Canadian WebHosting is using Scrobbling to send emails to its customers.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in the bounce rate of emails,” says Moffett.

“The bounce rate is up from 5 percent to 60 percent, so we’ve had more than 10,000 emails bounce back since we started using scrobbing in May.”

There are other services that use scrobbles as well.

“I think we’ve seen this in other domains as well,” says Tim Stoll, the founder of HostingLabs.

“Mostly we’re seeing a lot of emails from the United States.”

The spammers also often send the emails using attachments.

“A lot of these emails contain a bunch of other stuff, which could be malware,” says Stoll.

“There are lots of other things that could potentially be a malicious attachment that could send malware to a vulnerable computer.”

Spammers can send email with multiple attachments, including attachments with malicious or spyware-like code that can infect computers.

Spammers often make the email appear legitimate.

Some send the email to users who are not legitimate customers.

For those that are legitimate, the spammer sends a legitimate email and then re-sends a fake one that’s a scam.

The spammer also sometimes sends emails to companies.

For instance, one of the companies that hosts the Web hosting service is using scrotting technology to send mail to customers.

Spam and fraud is a growing problem in Canada.

In April, the Canadian Press reported on a spamming scheme that targeted Canada’s medical students and researchers.

According to the Canadian government, the scheme involved sending emails to students and faculty at a hospital in the city of Oshawa that included the subject line “Medical Student” and a link to an email address that had a fake email address.

The emails were sent by a company called E-Pharma Solutions Inc. “This is just the tip of the iceberg,” says Mike Hsu, the executive director of Canada’s National Cyber Security Centre.

“One in three people are infected with a phishing scam.”

“In Canada, more than half of all people are at risk of being a victim of a phisher,” says Hsu.

The RCMP recently launched a program to identify phishers.

In Canada, there’s a huge effort being made to fight phishing.

“Over the past several years, we’ve really made significant efforts to improve our detection systems, so that we are more effective at detecting and stopping this type of fraud,” says Bill Bell, the minister responsible for cybercrime.

“Phishing is a very sophisticated form of phishing, where they try to lure people into clicking on links that they think are legitimate.

But if you’re not on a website, it doesn’t work,” he says.

Some of Canada ‘s most sophisticated phishing schemes are designed to trick people into downloading malware.

In October, the Federal Government introduced legislation that will make it illegal to use phishing sites as a marketing tool.

However, there are companies that still make money off the scam.

For the most part, Canadian web hosts have a “zero tolerance” policy toward phishing and other scams.

For a company to get shut down, it must show that it has done everything it can to stop the scam, according to the Canada Internet Policy and Regulation Act.

The Canadian Webhosting website says that, as of May, it had received about 30 complaints about phishing emails.

However many of these were related to spam or phishing scams, and the company says that its policy is to take the matter very seriously.

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