How exetel got into the web hosting business: How it was born in a dusty old garage

India’s Exetel has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the world’s largest web hosting providers by acquiring the reins of a small Indian startup.

The startup has gone viral in the country after being acquired by an Indian company, and has become a model for the country’s growing internet startups.

The company has raised more than $1.5 billion in funding, which includes funds from several investors.

Exetels acquisition, however, does not come without some challenges for the fledgling startup.

Exetel’s founders are based in Bengaluru, the birthplace of the Internet.

The team is now in the process of scaling up to a larger and more robust presence in other Indian cities, and is looking to invest in infrastructure to support its growth.

Exepl is looking for investors to help it fund its infrastructure and other operations, and to help the company secure funding from banks and other investors.

It has taken some time to get the team up and running.

But in the past few weeks, ExetEL has taken a lead in launching several initiatives, including a mobile app, website, and a social network.

“We have created a web hosting platform to cater to the needs of the Indian internet-based ecosystem,” ExetELS co-founder Ashok Mishra told Quartz.

“For instance, we have a social media platform where you can interact with other users, and also a marketplace that allows you to find other companies that offer the same service.”

The startup’s social media and marketplace are still in the early stages, and are still developing, Mishra said.

But it’s working on the mobile app and website, which are expected to be launched this year.

The mobile app currently offers a number of services including free trials, and will soon add a loyalty program.

The marketplace is looking at expanding its offerings to include a variety of products, including an API to make it easier for third-party services to build on Exeteled.

In addition to offering free trials to customers, ExelELS website has also been designed with a user interface that is “designed to appeal to Indian users,” Mishra added.

“This is a new way to use the platform.

It’s not a simple interface to navigate.

You will need to be a web developer to build it, and it will require more time.”

The company’s social networking platform is also still in development, but is expected to launch later this year, Mishcha said.

The team is currently focusing on expanding its operations in India, but Mishra expects to add more sites in the near future.

ExelEL has plans to expand in other countries, and hopes to launch its service in other major cities by the end of the year.

For its part, Exeels website has not yet launched in other regions.

It is still in a beta phase.

However, Mishre says the company will soon be able to add local content to the site, and plans to add other local content on a regular basis.

The new feature, for instance, will allow users to find out what websites are available in their local area.

The company plans to launch in India and other markets by the year’s end.

Mishra believes that, even if the company is not a big name in India right now, it will continue to grow.

“Exetels is a very unique startup in India,” he said.

“There is a lot of room for growth.

The community of people who are interested in this platform are really huge.

ExEels will be a platform that India will be able use and benefit from in the future.”

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