Hosting service opens for new business, with more than 40,000 new members, but only 8% paying

Hosting firm OpenVz announced on Wednesday that it had raised a Series C round of $100 million, adding a new round of investors and adding a number of new members.

The company had previously raised more than $100m.

OpenVyz raised the funds through a series of initial public offerings (IPOs), and the company has been one of the leading cloud hosting providers in the US.

It has an online platform where users can create and share hosting plans.

“We are excited to announce that we have raised another Series C, bringing the total to $100M,” OpenVZ founder and CEO Andrew Ladd told VentureBeat in a statement.

“The next few months will be the busiest of our history, but we will continue to make great strides and build upon our leadership in the cloud.”

OpenViz had been in talks with a number companies for months to buy its hosting service.

Ladd said he had reached out to several startups to see if they would be interested in acquiring the company.

“While we’re still negotiating with all of our existing investors, we have had multiple discussions with several major technology companies who are interested in buying our hosting service,” Ladd added.

The $100mn round also includes $25 million in seed capital from Andreessen Horowitz and a number other investors, the company said.

Open Vyz, which was founded in 2015, offers a free, unlimited hosting plan.

The service has been used by a number media companies, including HBO, BuzzFeed, CNN, and The Huffington Post, as well as other tech companies.

OpenVPN said it had attracted about 10,000 paying customers in the past two years, with an average monthly user spending $30.

But the service has struggled to keep up with the growth of the cloud, with many users opting to use services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Rackspace to host their content.

Openvz said it would be building out its offerings in 2018, adding that it would also invest in new products.

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