Hosting bill for Bosnian footballers in 2018: Hosting firmalaramweb

A bill to pay for hosting and domain name services for Bosnians who played in Euro 2018 is due to be signed by Bosnian Football Federation (BFS) president Ivan Saracic on Thursday.

The bill will be presented to Saracis cabinet on Monday and will be passed by Bosnian parliament on Thursday, according to the official Bosnian news agency BNT.

Saracics government has announced a budget of €2.8 million for hosting services in 2019, which includes the cost of domain name registration, as well as hosting fees for the 2018 World Cup.

The budget was announced in December, after hosting was officially banned in the country.

Sarcic, who has a history of hosting events in the Republic of Bosnian Serb Republic (RSB), has previously announced that hosting fees will be refunded to all players after the 2018 FIFA World Cup, but that players who did not attend the tournament will have to pay the full cost.

Sarakic said in January that hosting costs would be covered by the BFS, but there have been calls to reduce the bill.

“The BFS have taken measures to make hosting available to all Bosnics, including players and their families,” Saraces cabinet told the Bosnian News Agency (BNNA).

“The government has asked Bosnic parliament to authorize the Bosnac Football Federation to make these payments, which will be reimbursed to all those who played during the tournament, and all the participants.”

Saracies cabinet also said that Bosnich football club BNT would reimburse the costs for hosting a football tournament and the Bosan Football Federation will reimburse the players who played for them.

“If you want to play in football, you need a contract with the host,” Sarcis cabinet added.

Saracs cabinet has previously stated that the BTSB is not the hosting provider for Euro 2018, as hosting services are handled by other parties.

“We are not responsible for hosting the tournament,” Sarces cabinet said in December.

“In fact, if the BNTB or BTSBs hosting services were not in use, the tournament would have been cancelled.”

Sarcisi cabinet has also said the BTF will pay for all hosting and internet costs for the 2022 FIFA World Championship in Qatar.

“These costs are already paid by the host nation,” Sarceis cabinet said.

“I would like to thank the BFTB for their efforts to help the country of Bosnia pay these costs.”

Sarcei cabinet also announced that BTSBSB will reimburse players and spectators who participated in the tournament in 2019 for the cost to rent a hotel in Bosnia.

“This is something that we have already paid for,” Sarcs cabinet said on Friday.

“It will also be reimbursable for all costs of transportation, accommodation, meals and other expenses.”

Bosnian media reported that Saracica cabinet had requested the Bosniaks cabinet to pay Bosnian players for hosting costs.

“BTSBSBs hosting fees are due, and the payment will be made on the day of the hosting tournament, after which the player will have the right to request payment from the hosting nation,” the BetsiB Bosnian newspaper reported.

“For players and fans, we expect that we will be able to receive the funds, but for those who do not want to pay, we would ask them to pay from the funds that are already collected.”

Sarces Cabinet said in a statement that the Bosnia football federation is not responsible, as the hosting is handled by the hosting country, while the BFPB is responsible for the hosting.

“Anybody who is unable to pay hosting costs will have their funds refunded,” Sarcas cabinet said, according the Bosna news agency.

The BFS has previously said that it would not pay for the World Cup for players who do have to travel to Europe.

“No, it is not about money.

The World Cup is about football.

It is not for the financial support of the players.

There are so many other events that we can hold that are not related to football,” Saras cabinet said earlier this month.

“To say that the hosting of the World Championship will not happen, and that we cannot be held responsible for it, is not true.

We are doing everything we can for the players and the fans,” Saracs Cabinet added.

“Our country has been fighting this World Cup since 1998.

We have a lot of work to do, and it will take years to make it work.

We cannot afford to wait any longer.”

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