FourFour Two: The real world is still online is the world’s most popular gaming website, ranking number one in the UK and Europe for six months in a row, according to its own research.

The company’s recent figures also showed that it continues to attract a loyal audience of visitors who enjoy its high quality of content and innovative user interface.

According to data from the analytics firm comScore, there were 10.2 million daily unique visitors to FourFour two last year, compared with 8.7 million in 2016.

The site’s biggest demographic, which comScore calls “engaged fans”, are “gamers who play games or watch TV”.

The majority of users on FourFour are men, while “young and old” players are also a majority.

But the gaming platform’s “gaming audience is increasingly diversifying”, according to comScore.

FourFour’s users are “a diverse group of people from all ages and backgrounds, with a broad range of interests, interests in video games, television and media, film, music, music culture and sports”, according the company.

The number of users who watch content is growing, too.

“More and more people are playing games on a daily basis and they are becoming more interested in what’s going on in the world around them,” comScore said.

“For them, gaming is a way to connect with friends and have fun.”

FourFour two is not the only game company to have seen strong growth in recent months.

In August, Tencent Holdings (TCEH.HK) reported that its gaming revenue jumped by more than 40 per cent to reach $12.5 billion.