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Why Chattanooga web hosting company could be a model for a new wave of local IT startups

This story first appeared on The Wall St. Journal. The Tulsa, Oklahoma-based company is an online community for hosting businesses that don’t have physical offices, or even online presence.It’s also the biggest tenant in a sprawling new office complex in the city’s south.The Toledo, Ohio-based Giant Data is a new company, a part-owner of

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Hosting service ICeland says it has shut down due to ‘system failure’

ICELAND, Iceland — Iceland’s hosting service ICELand, which is operated by the Icelandic Internet Council, has been closed due to a “system failure,” according to a statement posted on the company’s website.The company said in the statement that the outage occurred “due to the fault of the internet service provider.”The

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How to install WordPress on an iOS device?

WordPress can be installed on iOS devices, and it can also be installed from the web, as long as the developer is registered with WordPress.In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to install and use WordPress on iOS.What is WordPress?In a nutshell, WordPress is a blogging platform that makes it easy

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Chattanooga Internet service provider wants more competition

Chattanooga, Tennessee – Chattahoochee Fiberworks is proposing to buy out rival Chattanooga-based Webhosting Inc, saying it wants to get more out of its fiber-optic network.Chattanooga Fiberworks announced the deal Thursday with a blog post saying it would purchase Webhosts, which provides online hosting services to more than 4 million customers

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Why Jio’s web hosting is so expensive

Jio is an Indian internet service provider (ISP).Jio was launched in July 2017 as a new way to offer low-cost internet to people in rural India.Jio claims to offer the best internet speed in the country, but some experts say the service is more expensive than it’s worth.A study from

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Hosting for web sites on Windows, Android and iOS apps in Dhaka

The web hosting providers in Dhakas, India, have launched a website that enables people to rent their web hosting and web applications for an unlimited period of time.The website is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, which means that it runs on any Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac operating system.The

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Canberra web hosts Qatar to host offshore web hostels

Canberra web hosting company Canberrawebhosting will host Qatar to use its own offshore web hosting network to host hosting and services in the country, the company announced today.The deal, which will see Qatari hostels operate in Canberra, will be the first of its kind.CanberrawebHosting chief executive Chris O’Sullivan said the

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India’s first cloud hosting provider to be bought for $10 billion

India’s cloud-hosting giant has been bought for nearly $10bn by a private equity firm, raising hopes that the country’s fledgling cloud services sector will become a major player in the fast-growing technology industry.Vinnish Technologies Pvt Ltd, which has been making its mark in the Indian IT market, said in a

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How to install a cheap server for free in Canberra

Canberra’s internet speed is getting better, thanks to a new service called Fastly.It’s a new option for many people who live in the city, but can be expensive.The service, launched by a Canberra-based technology company, offers an internet connection for $10 a month, plus a free 10GB of data every

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